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The MotivateDuringTherapy module is a module that can generate messages to motivate prople to continue with their therapy. The algorithm follows the proposal in the paper [1]. The motivation message is chosen depending on the selected language, the PCL (PTSD) trend and the trust of the patient.

This package can be included with the following maven code




Various example codes are available

  • You can download a ready-to-run jar here (just double click to run; you need to have java installed)
  • Click on the picture below to run the app in your browser

  • The junit tests for the package here.
  • Make your own example using this code snip plus the maven dependencies above
Locale NL = new Locale("nl", "NL");
Situation situation=new Situation(PclTrend.DROPPING, Trust.MEDIUM);
String motivation = new MotivationalAnswer(situation, NL).getText();


[1] Tielman M.L,. Neerincx, M.A., Brinkman, W.P. (2019) Design and Evaluation of Personalized Motivational Messages by a Virtual Agent that Assists in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Therapy, Journal of Medical Internet Research, 21(3):e9240 ( paper | data and analysis script )

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